Special Topics

Special Topics

“There must needs be an opposition in all things.”  – Lehi (2 Nephi 2:11)

Salt Lake Mormon TempleThe following are questions that are asked frequently on the internet.  In answering these questions, I will cite sources that the reader may go seek out in case they do not believe anything I have written.  I simply wish to say things the way they are.

Are Mormons Christian? Yes. Although the Mormon faith is strongly centered around Christ and He is who they worship, because of doctrinal and traditional differences, Mormons are often described as worshipping a different Jesus or being excluded based on other factors that the Bible itself does not mention.

Are black Mormons considered inferior? No. Until the late 1970s, black members of the Church did not hold the priesthood. The reasons for this are unknown, but the Church is not a racist institution and from the beginning promoted the freedoms and equality of blacks.

Why do people contest the Book of Abraham? The Book of Abraham was translated by Joseph Smith from Egyptian papyri. It reveals certain key doctrinal truths. Some of the original papyri have been recovered and some scholars disagree with Joseph’s interpretation, thus the controversy.

What’s the relationship between DNA and the Book of Mormon? Mormons believe Native Americans to be descended from a group of people originally from Israel. DNA research shows Native Americans to be of Asiatic origin. However, the Book of Mormon does not necessarily indicate Israelites to be the only ancestors, or even the primary genetic ones.

Why are some ex-Mormons anti-Mormon? Leaving a community-oriented organization like a church can cause bitterness. So can putting aside formerly professed doctrines. Some leave because of bitterness.

Are gay Mormons outcasts? No. While the Church stands strongly against homosexual marriages and acting on homosexual desires, the Church always speaks of love and tolerance for each other’s struggles.

Is Mormonism a cult? No. “Cult” is a word often thrown around to discribe less understood or less liked religions, but the aspects of a “cult” that Mormonism has, early Christianity has also. It does not have the earmarks of the dangerous personality cults that burn out in a year and take their members with it.

Why did Mormons practice polygamy? Although Mormons have not practiced polygamy in over a century, it is still the practice often associated with the religion. Polygamy had nothing to do with sexual depravity and a great deal to do with faith.

What is Mormon underwear? Mormon underwear, more properly called temple garments, are symbols of convenants that Mormons make in their temples.

What was the Mountain Meadows Massacre? One of the great tragedies in Mormon history, a story of a community’s panic with evil and terrible results, and Mormons strive to come to terms with the descendants. The controversy often likes to pin the blame for the event on Brigham Young, but evidence shows the massacre to be a result of poor communication, high tensions, and the sins of the few.

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